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Albums by this artist:

Such a Fool
Shoot Your Gun
Devil in Me
22 Days
Why Don't You Do It for Me?
Baby Brings Bad News
I'm The One
The Things That Lovers Do
Hold On
Latest Heartbreak
Heart On A String
Talk To Me
Bitter Pills
Morning Train
4th Floor
96 To 4
Baby, You're Not in Love
Let It Go
Shake, Shiver, And Moan
Shake, Shiver and Moan
Bring It Home
White Lines
Pocketful Of Fire
Only Way You Know
Heart And Soul
A Good Thing
Purple Heart
Cuts And Bruises
My Creation
Little Soldiers
Death Wish Fever
Cherry Red
Got Messed Up
Messed Up
Pocketful Of Fire (Demo)
King Bee
Cut You Down
Weight Off Me
I'm Your Witchdoctor
I'm The One (Acoustic Version)
The Light
She Suits Me To A T
If You Love Her, Let Her Go
Baby You're Not In Love - New Version
Baby, You're Not In Love (US-Only Bonus Track)
Shoot Your Gun (album version)
Blood In The Basement
Fearless When I Fantasise