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Albums by this artist:

Lady of the Moon
Summer Of 300 Years
Stella Maris
Land of Forever
The Sea at Night
The Ocean Dreams
The Sound of Still Water
Inner Light
Magic Flower
Well of Wisdom
Valley of Healing Waters
Traveler Winds
To Touch The Sky
The Calling
Even Now
Suddenly Yours
The Emerald Way
City Of Peace
Heart of the Nile
River Of Stars
Realms Of Splendor
Soul Doors
Another Answer Came
Oceans of Life
Elysian Fields
Remember Now
The River's Journey
Secret Shores
Dance With A Princess
Feast Of Immortals
Lovers' Bridge
Sea Of Dreams
Deep Still Blue
First Daughter Of The Moon
Falling Through Time
The Quest
The Forest
We Meet Again
Unopened Flower
The Dreaming Tree
Overheard in a Dream
Romancing The Moon
Life Is
An Ocean Apart
Dreaming Of You