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Albums by this artist:

Kiss Me Good-Bye
Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X)
Liberi Fatali
Ending Theme
To Zanarkand
Tifa's Theme
Fisherman's Horizon
Blue Fields
Cosmo Canyon
Ahead on Our Way
One Winged Angel
Eyes On Me
Aerith's Theme
The Prelude
Farm Boy
Cinco de Chocobo
Cid's Theme
Prelude (Final Fantasy Series)
The Man With the Machine Gun
Find Your Way
Don't Be Afraid
Gold Saucer
Aerith's Theme (Final Fantasy VII)
Succession Of Witches
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII (Final Fantasy VII)
Vamo' alla Flamenco
The Oath
For the Reunion
Beyond The Wasteland
Shuffle or Boogie
Black Water
Balamb Garden
The Place I'll Return To Someday
Battle in the Forgotten City
The Man with the Machine Gun (FINAL FANTASY VIII)
Cloud Smiles
Waltz De Chocobo
Terra’s Theme (FINAL FANTASY VI)
Liberi Fatali (Final Fantasy VIII)
One-Winged Angel
One-winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII)
Force Your Way
The Castle