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Albums by this artist:

Eye Of The Pyramid
Last Man Standing
Hey Brother (The Voice Performance)
At Last (The Voice Performance)
Demons (The Voice Performance)
Radioactive (The Voice Performance)
Carry On (The Voice Performance)
Secrets (The Voice Performance)
Love Me Again (The Voice Performance)
When I Was Your Man (The Voice Performance)
Not Over You (The Voice Performance)
(Everything I Do) I Do It For You (The Voice Performance)
At Last
A Change Is Gonna Come (The Voice Performance)
Hey Brother
Love Me Again
When I Was Your Man
Carry On
Borrowing Trouble
While We're Young
Surgical Rewind
Not over You
One Shot
Freezing Time
Diamond In the Fire
A Change Is Gonna Come
Heat of Passion
No Fair Game
Now That We're Fallin'
(Everything I Do) I Do It For You
Radioactive - The Voice Performance
Tiny Dancer - The Voice Performance
Secrets - The Voice Performance
Breakin' The Rules
At Last - The Voice Performance
Hey Brother - The Voice Performance
Not Over You - The Voice Performance
Forget 2 Breathe
Love Me Again - The Voice Performance
Carry On - The Voice Performance
Demons - The Voice Performance
Fall Like Rome
The Answer