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Albums by this artist:

Eye Of The Pyramid
Last Man Standing
At Last (The Voice Performance)
Demons (The Voice Performance)
Hey Brother (The Voice Performance)
Tiny Dancer - The Voice Performance
Surgical Rewind
Secrets (The Voice Performance)
Radioactive (The Voice Performance)
Borrowing Trouble
Carry On (The Voice Performance)
Love Me Again (The Voice Performance)
When I Was Your Man (The Voice Performance)
While We're Young
Not Over You (The Voice Performance)
One Shot
Heat of Passion
Freezing Time
Diamond In the Fire
(Everything I Do) I Do It For You (The Voice Performance)
No Fair Game
A Change Is Gonna Come (The Voice Performance)
At Last
Love Me Again
When I Was Your Man
Hey Brother
Not over You
Carry On
Now That We're Fallin'
Breakin' The Rules
Back To Yes
Pocket Call
The Answer
Radioactive - The Voice Performance
A Change Is Gonna Come
Hey Brother - The Voice Performance
Not Over You - The Voice Performance
Forget 2 Breathe
Fall Like Rome
At Last - The Voice Performance
Secrets - The Voice Performance
Demons - The Voice Performance