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Albums by this artist:

Good Dirty Fun (Tyler Breeze WWE Theme) [feat. William Werwath]
Break out the Boom Boom (From Girls Season 3 Teaser) [feat. Robert ToTeras]
Voodoo Sexonomics from Concussion Trailer (feat. Brian Randazzo)
Good Dirty Fun (feat. William Werwath)
Good Dirty Fun (WWE Loop Edit)
Short Term Memory
My Other Other Girl
Paranoid Seduction
Enter the Grinder (Alt. Musical) [Seen in GoPro Laser Cats Ad] (feat. Will Werwath)
My Other Other Girl (Seen in the Canyons Trailer) [feat. Brian Randazzo]
Revenge of the Carol of the Bells
Millions of Me (Main)
Good Dirty Fun
Swimming In Emotion
Time Bomb
I Wanna (Theme from Girls Season 2 Promo) [feat. Robert ToTeras]
Voodoo Sexonomics (feat. Brian Randazzo)
Dead Hope
Revenge of the Carol of the Bells (Extended Techno Mix)
Street Crimes
Hidden Temple
Good Dirty Fun (Main)
East Fights West (Zeronos Theme)
Raising The Obelisk (Drone)
I Hate People
Technology Drones 89
Experiment Gone Bad
Battle´╗┐ for Immortality
Group Hug, People
Running Of The Goths
Here and Now (Backgound) / DRAMARRHEA / Randazzo
Armed And Ready
Romantic Slo Mo Death
Yearning Power
Happy Pop Beat
Que Disco!
Guilt Becomes Grace
Devastation Rebirth
Hammer of Triumph (MAIN)
Freshly Squeezed
Fists Of Ganja
Big White Suit