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Albums by this artist:

Mess Is Mine
From Afar
Fire and The Flood
Play With Fire
First Time
Lay It On Me
Wasted Time
Winds of Change
Who Am I
Red Eye
Riptide - FlicFlac Edit
We All Die Trying to Get It Right
Great Summer
Like Gold
Best That I Can
My Kind of Man
All I Ever Wanted
Saturday Sun
We're Going Home
Straight Into Your Arms
Riptide (FlicFlac Edit)
Call If You Need Me
Riptide - FlicFlac Remix
Fire and the Flood - Acoustic
Take Your Time
I'm With You
Riptide - Live From Spotify London
Alone With Me
Crashing Into You
Mess Is Mine - Live From Spotify London
One Of These Days
Where We Start
Bonnie & Clyde
Little Boy
You Can Call Me Al - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC
Georgia - Live From Spotify London
Lay It On Me - Portugal. The Man Remix
Lay It On Me - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC
Lay It On Me - Said The Sky Remix
Lay It On Me - Acoustic
First Time - Live From Spotify London
Riptide /// FlicFlac Edit
Riptide (Kasbo Remix)
Riptide - Live from Spotify SXSW 2014
Emmylou - Live from Spotify SXSW 2014
Riptide /// FlicFlac [REMASTERED VERSION OUT NOW on iTunes]