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Albums by this artist:

The Government Can
Things You Don't Say to Your Wife
Study Your Wife
Pretty Pink Tractor
Short Songs
Helper In The Car
Old White Man
Mt. Pillowmanjaro
I Used To Be Cool
Cletus Take the Reel
Have You Eaten?
Parents Rock - Part 1
Home Depot in Heaven
Stupid Questions
Gonna Have A Boy
Parents Rock - Part 2
Johnson's Baby Shampoo
Delilah - The Samson Version
Honey Do List
God Is Good
Smells Like Birthday Cake
Dangerous Playgrounds
Inappropriate Wedding Songs
Dollar Store
Peed A Little
Paintball Wizard
Major Tomtom
Corporate Praise / Anti-Butter Song
A Homeschool Family
Chick-Fil-A (Live)
Taco Bell
I'm a Christian
I Don't Drink Beer
Quit the Choir
Honey-Do List
Commercial: Future Hits
Youtube Video Comment Guy
Commercial: Real Men of Genius
3rd Wheel
Banana Peeling
Free Gospel Report
Just the Way You Are
Live Life on a Diet