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I'm So Excited
Jump (For My Love)
Neutron Dance
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
He's So Shy
Yes We Can Can
Don't It Drive You Crazy
I Need You
Should I Do It
Baby Come And Get It
Send Him Back
I'm So Excited (Re-EQ'd Version)
American Music
Neutron Dance - from "Beverly Hills Cop"
Jump For My Love
im so excited
Pinball Number Count
I'm So Exited
Automatic (Album Version)
We Are Family
Telegraph Your Love
Jump (DISCO 80s)
Easy Persuasion
I'm So Excited - Re-EQ'd Version
Heart To Heart
send him back (pilooski edit)
Dance Electric
Someday We'll Be Together
How Long (Betcha' Got A Chick On The Side)
Automatic (Extended Version)
Back In My Arms
See How The Love Goes
If You Wanna Get Back Your Lady
Could I Be Dreamin'
Everybody Is A Star
Chainey Do
Going Down Slowly
Twist My Arm
Heart Beat
Baby, Come And Get It