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Albums by this artist:

Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti
Super Afro-Beat
Musicawi Silt
Quiet Man Is Dead Man
Give it up Turnit Loose
Modern Technology
Voodoo Soul Stew
Daktari Walk
Upside Down
Musicawa Silt Part 2
Musicawa Silt
Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti (Mad Professor Remix)
Up Side Down
In the Middle
Musicawi Slit, Pt. 2
In the Middle (Stereo)
Afraid of Losing Ground
Eltsugh Ibal Lasiti
Them - Bonus Track
Musicawi Slit, Part 2
Upsidown (Daktaris)
Club Africa
In The Middle (written by Pee Wee Ellis)
Quiet Man is Dead
Disco Upside
Musicawi Slit Pt. 2
Give it Up, Turn it Loose
Eitsuhg Ibal Lasiti
Voodoo Soul Stew; The Daktaris
Eltsuhg Ibal Lasti
Daktaris Walk
Musicawa Silt pt 1 & 2
Eltsuhg Ibal Lasiti - Daktaris
Elsuhg Ibal Lasiti
Musicawa Silt (Pt. 2)
Eltsung Ibal Lasiti
Give It Up Or Turnita Loose
04- Modern Technology
01- Musicawa Silt
03- quiet man is dead man
09- Voodoo Soul Stew
This Fire
Musicawa Silt, Pt. 1
02- musicawa silt part 2
Jungle Lion