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Albums by this artist:

Watermelon Man
Teenage Ska
Bank To Bank
Baby Elephant Walk
Nuclear Weapon
Girls Town Ska
The Weed (AKA Man Pyabba)
Independence Ska
Special Event
Girl's Town Ska
In The Park
Bank To Bank Part 1
First Session
Gun Fever - Baba Brooks Band
Western Flyer
Musical Workshop
Bank to Bank - Pt. 1
One Eyed Giant
Teenage Ska - Original
Bank To Bank - Part 1
Twilight Zone
Seven Guns Alive
The Scratch
Bank To Bank (Part 1)
Water Melon Man
Music Communion
Country Town
Independence Ska - Original
Seven Guns Alive (feat. Lynn Tait)
Bank to Bank - Pt. 1 - Baba Brooks' Band
County Town
Telling Me Lies
Gun Fever 1964
Independent Ska
I Am In Love