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Albums by this artist:

Bad Asteroid
Sweaty Knockers
Get It Like That
Furtive Jack
Dance of the Aristocrats
I Want A Parrot
Blues Fuckers
See You Next Tuesday
Culture Clash
Louisville Stomp
Ohhhh Noooo
Boing!... I'm In the Back
Desert Tornado
Gaping Head Wound
Stupid 7
Cocktail Umbrellas
Living the Dream
And Finally
Boing!… I'm in the Back
Don't go
Texas Crazypants
Jack's Back
Smuggler's Corridor
The Kentucky Meat Shower
Pig's Day Off
Pressure Relief
Through the Flower
Railroad Blues
Ten Tiny Toes
Walking The Floor
You'll Never Find Another Daddy Like Me
Sweaty Knockers (Live)
Queen Of The South Sea Islands
Get It Like That (Live)
Erotic Cakes
Greasy Wheel
Ohhhh Noooo (live)
I Went To Hilo
My Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua
Culture Clash (Live)
Gaping Head Wound (Live)
Louisville Stomp (live)
Train Trax
A Very Metal Introduction
Cave Dweller
Desert Tornado (Live)