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Many and One
Psalm 63: My Soul Is Thirsting
Sweet Redeemer
Go Make a Difference
Give Thanks to the Lord
Be Merciful, O Lord
Falling Into You
Amazed by You
A Rightful Place
Psalm 66: Let All the Earth
Daylight's Ending
Come, Lord Jesus (Prayer of St. Francis)
Mass of a Joyful Heart: Holy, Holy, Holy
10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)
Glory to God
Come To The Lord
Alleluia! Love Is Alive
Taste and See
Lord, Have Mercy/Kyrie, Eleison
These Alone Are Enough
Mighty King
How Could You Say No
May Your Kingdom Come
Mass of a Joyful Heart: Alleluia
Blessed Are They
Lamb of God
Save Us, Savior
Let Us Go Rejoicing
We Remember, We Believe
When We Eat This Bread
We Proclaim Your Death
Ready the Way
Hear Our Prayer
I Will Lift Up Your Name
Psalm 40 Here Am I, Lord
Let All the Earth (Psalm 66)
Psalm 40: Here Am I, Lord
Table of Life
You Are the Way
We Are the Light of the World
Psalm 145: I Will Lift Up Your Name
Lenten Gospel Acclamation
God With Us (Emmanuel) - from "Welcome Home"
You Are God
Sacred Silence