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Go Make a Difference
Glory to God
All Who Are Thirsty
Sweet Redeemer
A Rightful Place
Psalm 40: Here Am I, Lord
Many and One
Ready the Way
Alleluia! Love Is Alive
Come To The Lord
Remain in Me, I Am the Vine
Lord, Have Mercy / Kyrie, Eleison
Taste and See
Sacred Silence
May Your Kingdom Come
Psalm 63: My Soul Is Thirsting
You Are My God / Here I Am, Lord
Alleluiah, Love is alive
Every Move I Make
Be Merciful, O Lord
Let All the Earth (Psalm 66)
My Soul Is Thirsting
How Could You Say No
Daylight's Ending
Hand in Hand
Mighty King
Mass of a Joyful Heart: Memorial Acclamation (A)
These Alone Are Enough
Psalm 66: Let All the Earth
I Am the Lord, Your God
Table of Life
Save Us, Savior
I Believe
I Will Lift Up Your Name
Amazed by You
Psalm 145: I Will Lift Up Your Name
Psalm 51: Be Merciful, O Lord
We Are the Light of the World
We Proclaim Your Death
My Soul Is Thirsting/As Morning Breaks (Psalm 63)
Mass of a Joyful Heart: Memorial Acclamation - B
Lenten Gospel Acclamation
O God, Be the Music