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Albums by this artist:

Barwick Green (The Archers Theme)
Shooting Star
Coronation Scot
Coronation Scot (From 'Paul Temple' Programme)
Coronation Scot - 1997 Digital Remaster
Barwick Green
Coronation Scot (Paul Temple Theme)
Music In The Air
Desert Island Discs
Bromsgrove Fair
Pan American Panorama
Bugle Call Rag
Jamaican Rhumba
The Dambusters
Ringtone - The Archers Original Theme (Barwick Green)
Paul Temple
A-Tisket, a-Tasket
London Transport Suite
Theme Song (From "Reach for the Sky")
The Horse Guards - Whitehall (London Landmarks)
Reach for the Sky
Meet the Huggets
Barwick Green (The Archers)
A Canadian In Mayfair
You Are My Heart's Delight
Dance of an Ostracised Imp
The Dam Buster
Portrait of a Flirt
Accent On Waltz
All Strings And Fancy Free
Changing Scenes No. 2
On a Spring Note
Shortcake Walk
Barwick Green (Theme from the Radio Series ''The Archers'')
A Song by the Way
Hotter Than Ever
Dance of an Ostracised Imp - 1997 Digital Remaster
Torch Tunes Of The Times Medley
Without My Lover
Portrait of a Flirt - 1997 Digital Remaster
Chinatown, My Chinatown / Japanese Sandman / Limehouse Blues
Hotter Than Ever Medley 2
Just One Of Those Things
Jumping Bean
The Duel