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Albums by this artist:

Coronation Scot (From "Paul Temple")
London Transport Suite
Barwick Green
On a Spring Note
I Hate Myself (For Being So Mean To You)
Going for a Ride
Pan American Panorama
Coronation Scot
Jumping Bean
Shooting Star
Accent On Waltz
Comic Cuts
The Duel
Red Square Review
A Song by the Way
Fashion Shoot
Bromsgrove Fair
The Horse Feathers - 1997 Digital Remaster
Horseguards - Whitehall
Beachcomber -- Sidney Torch
PC 49 Theme - 1997 Digital Remaster
Over The Rainbow / Scatterbrain / It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow
Coronation Scot - 1997 Digital Remaster
Jumping Bean -- Sidney Torch
Wagon Lit
Portrait of a Flirt - 1997 Digital Remaster
East of Malta
Samba Sud
Love in Bloom
Dance of an Ostracised Imp - 1997 Digital Remaster
A-Tisket, a-Tasket
Barwick Green (Theme from The Archers)
More Comic Cuts 2
Barwick Green (The Archers Theme)
Music In The Air
Reach For The Sky (Theme From)
A Canadian In Mayfair
London Transport suite for orchestra - Rosie, The Red Omnibus
Hot Dog
Changing Moods No 2 (From "Pc 49")
The Hut Sut Song / Dolores / I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi, I Like You Very Much
All Strings And Fancy Free
Covered Wagon
Cresta Run
Metropolitan March
Theme Song (From "Reach for the Sky")