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Albums by this artist:

Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Running Away
Funk in the Hole
The Memory
Mystic Voyage
Love Will Bring Us Back Together
Love Will Bring Us Back Together Again
Don't Stop The Feeling
Coffy Is The Color
The Third Eye
We Live In Brooklyn, Baby
He's A Superstar
Pretty Brown Skin
The Golden Rod
The Boogie Back
Brawling Broads
It Ain't Your Sign It's Your Mind
Liquid Love
Exotic Dance
Can't You See Me
2000 Black
Shining Symbol
Keep On Walking
You And Me My Love
Tongue Power
Stoned Soul Picnic
Pricilla's Theme
We Live In Brooklyn Baby
King George
Brother Green (The Disco King)
King's Last Ride
Coffy Sauna
Lonesome Cowboy
Love From The Sun
A Tear To A Smile
What You Won't Do For Love
You Send Me
Brand New Feeling
Everytime I See You
The Black Five
The Fuzz
Hey Uh What You Say Come On
People And The World
Making Love
End Of Sugarman