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Smoking Gun
Poor Johnny
I was warned
Spare Some Love?
I'm Walkin'
Back Door Slam
Time Makes Two
Our Last Time
Right Next Door (Because of Me)
Nothin' But A Woman
Just A Loser
Distant Shore
That Ain't Love
My Last Regret
Does It Really Matter
Two Steps From The End
Won The Battle
Blues Get Off My Shoulder
Fading Away
What You Need (Good Man)
I Guess I Showed Her
Forgot to Be Your Lover
The Price I Pay
I Know You Will
I Wonder
Lotta Lovin'
Bad Influence
A Whole Lotta Pride
A Picture Of A Broken Heart
Foul Play
Love Gone To Waste
On The Road Down
It Doesn't Show
[Won't Be] Coming Home
Phone Booth
I Didn't Know
Still Around
Your Pal
More Than I Can Stand
New Blood
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
Up In the Sky
Too Many Cooks
The Score
Playin' In The Dirt
A Memo