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Albums by this artist:

Down by the Water
Good Fortune
This Mess We're In
This Is Love
Let England Shake
Big Exit
One Line
The Words That Maketh Murder
The Last Living Rose
A Place Called Home
The Devil
Beautiful Feeling
Dear Darkness
You Said Something
When Under Ether
The Glorious Land
White Chalk
Rid of Me
The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore
We Float
On Battleship Hill
Broken Harp
All and Everyone
C'mon Billy
The Piano
In the Dark Places
Horses in My Dreams
Grow Grow Grow
To Bring You My Love
Bitter Branches
Written on the Forehead
Hanging in the Wire
A Perfect Day Elise
Before Departure
To Talk To You
The Mountain
The Colour of the Earth
The Letter
Send His Love To Me
Meet Ze Monsta
Working For The Man
The Wind
The Dancer
Long Snake Moan