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Albums by this artist:

Color Blind
Black Man in America
Shoulder to Lean On
Top Down
Slow Dance
My Sweet Love
Bring Me Up
Driving Me to Drink
Quiet Storm
Love in the Summer
Somebody's Getting My Love
One Shot to Love
Sail Away
Where's the Justice
Dancing With the Devil
Late Nights
Air to Traffic Control
Oh Jackie
Drunk Irish Love
Bring Me Up (feat. Faith Evans)
Im a Dog
Like a Bullet
We Can Change
Im Winning
Top Down (feat. Snoop Dogg)
Good Morning My Love (Intro)
Mile High Club (Interlude)
Terror in the Nightfall
1. Color Blind
Is It a Crime
Kisses Down Below (feat. Bcanic)
In The Name of Jesus
Finally I Can Love Again
Lord I Give You
1. Late Nights
Baptized in Whisky
Intro (Voicemail) [feat. Victor Kamwendo]
Intro - (B.Prince) [feat. Brandon Prince]
Top Down (Ft. Snoop Dogg)
Bedroom Savage (feat. Walter West)
Fall Apart to Fall in Love
Rocket Man
1. Im the Watcher