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Albums by this artist:

Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns
This Is Shangrila
Stardog Champion
Bone China
Holy Roller
Man Of Golden Words
Crown Of Thorns
Come Bite The Apple
Gentle Groove
Capricorn Sister
Captain Hi-Top
Mr. Danny Boy
Mindshaker Meltdown
Thru Fade Away
Half Ass Monkey Boy
Chloe Dancer Crown Of Thorns
Lady Godiva Blues
Chloe Dancer / Crown Of Thorns
Capricorn Sister (Shine Version)
Chloe Dancer - Crown Of Thorns
Hold Your Head Up
Thru Fadeaway
Chloe Dancer
Half Ass Monkeyboy
Lady Godiva Blues (bonus)
Capricorn Sister (shine version) (bonus)
Waiting For You
Chloe Dancer-Crown of Thorns
These r no Blues
Savoy fare slide
Chloe Dancer , Crown Of Thorns
Dream Come True
Chloe Dancer, Crown Of Thorns
I'm in Love With My Car
Bloody Shame
Ut I Kylan
Greasy (She's so)
Jumpin Jehova
Zanzibar - Shine Version
Red Hot Shaft
Ever Kissed a Lady
Bloodshot Ruby
Rhapsody in Chartreuse
Savwhafair Slide
Capricorn Sister [Shine]