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Christ was born today - Timotei Popovici
Today, Christ appeared to us - Dumitru G. Kiriac
Santa Claus's White Locks and Christmas Eve - Ioan D. Chirescu
Three Shepherds - Timotei Popovici
Little Fir Tree Twig - Gheorghe Cucu
Jesu's Little Cradle - Valentin Teodorian
Santa Claus - Ion Borgovan/Octavian Goga
Tonight will be Christmas - Nicolae Ursu
'Podobia' from the Byzantine Christmas Oratorio - Paul Constantinescu
Good Morning, Christmas Eve - Alexandru Podoleanu/Ion Chirescu
Here come the Carol Singers - Tiberiu Brediceanu
Oh what wonderful tidings and The Departure of Magi - D.G. Kiriac
The Three Magi - Folklore collected by Anton Pann
High Above - Sabin Dragoi
Jesus and the Lord on High - Gheorghe Cucu
Up at the gates of Paradise and Colindita - Emil Montia
The star appearing on high - Ion Chirescu
Down in Bethlehem - Nicolae Lungu
At the Wrdding of the Canaanite - Folklore collected by Anton Pann
The Shepherd's Carol - Ilarion Cocisiu
Little Star (Little Flower) - Fr. Hubic
Velerim and Veler King - Vaile Popovici
Day, Son of the Day - Vasile Popovici
Carol for Palm Sunday - Gheorghe Cucu
We hust walk and sing carols - M.Birca
'Nativity Hymn' from the Byzantine Christmas Oratorio - Paul Constantinescu
Bright Feast - Timotei Popovici
Over there in the shade of the trees - Ioan D. Chirescu
Adoration of the Magi - Vasile I. Popovici
The Holy Virgin is walking about - Nicolae Ursu
Let's praise the Lord - Gheorghe Cucu
The Lord be praised - Nicolae Lungu