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Albums by this artist:

Sweeter Than Sweet
Bless You
Lulu's Theme
Pitch Black
Slow Pigeon
Ninna Nanna
Thinking of You
Runaway Boy
End of the Century
Melankoli (featuring Alice Carreri)
Sweeter Than Sweet (featuring Alice Carreri)
Lulu's Theme (featuring Trentemøller)
The Song Is in the Drum
You Say I'm Crazy (feat. Alice Carreri)
Bless You (featuring Mikael Simpson)
Sign Me Out (feat. Fanney Osk)
Grey Heron Man
Ninna Nanna (featuring Trentemøller & Alice Carreri)
Ghost Mosquitoes
Bodycodes (feat. Asbjørn)
Thinking of You (featuring Tuco)
Welcome to My Dream (feat. Tuco)
Bless You
Romano Song (feat. Annisette Koppel)
Landscape of Love (feat. Fanney Osk)
Sign Me Out
End of the Century (featuring MC Jabber)
Crazy Epilogue (feat. Alice Carreri)
Bless You (Feat. Mikael Simpson)
Smoke Through Fire (feat. Asbjørn)
Bless You (Minilogue remix)
Bless You (Trentemøller remix)
Sign Me Out (Radio Edit) - Radio Edit
Thinking Of You (Feat. Tuco)
Sweeter Than Sweet (Feat. Alice Carreri Pardeilhan)
Sign Me Out - Radio Edit
Melankoli (Feat. Alice Carreri Pardeilhan)
Bless You (MKLSMPSN mix)
Bless You (Radio Edit)
Ninna Nanna (Feat. Alice Carreri Pardeilhan)
End Of The Century (Feat. MC Jabber)
Landscape of Love (feat. Fanney Ósk)
Runaway Boy (Feat. Alice Carreri Pardeilhan)
You Say I'm Crazy
Bless You (System remix)
Melankoli (Mungolian Jetset Wet version)
Ninna Ninna