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Albums by this artist:

Ko Le Baje
Ijoba Orun
Ko Ma Si/ Nobody Like You
Halleluyah Ft. Midnight Crew's Patricia Uwaje-king
He Is Lord
Ijoba Orun Prayer
A Yin O
o ti se
You Alone Oluwa Medley
Come and Praise
We Praise You
Forever In My Heart - Remix
I Don't Know / Iforibale
A New Day
I Am Glad
Rest Of My Life
Mu Mi De'le (Ijoba Orun Remix)
Ti Eru
Emi a Riire
Oh la La
I love you
Run With You Ft. Lord of Ajasa
More Like You
Forever In My Heart
More and More
More Than Anything
Chibuzor / Get Up
Fig Tree
Keeper of My Dreams
Ijoba Orun (Pop Mix)
God Of Breakthrough
Forever In My Heart (Remix)
Fig Tree (remix)
Love Nwantintin
Dream Come True
I Can
Chibuzor (Get Up)
Be My Baby
Ko Ma Si/Nobody Like You
Dansaki |
Orin - I'll Write a Song
Forever In My Heart Rmx Ft. OJB