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Albums by this artist:

Freak Of The Week
Don't Waste My Time
Ask Flipz
Wo Wo Wo
Last Night
For Me
Freak of the Week (feat. Jeremih)
My Story
Get A Stack
Champions League
Freak Of The Week - Kat Krazy Remix
Last Night In LA - Konan Freestyle
On My Life
Do It For The Gang
Fell Apart / Lucky Ones
Told You
Drifting Away
F.W.T.S / Active
Freak Of The Week - Fastlane Wez Remix
The Long Way Home
So Easy
Because Of You
Young N Reckless
Think About It
We in Here
Wait Up For Me / Waiting
Too Young
I Don't Know
Don't Lie
Ride For You
Young Kingz Part 1
Freak Of The Week - Remix
Fell Apart - Interlude
Freak Of The Week ft. Jeremih
Cold Summer - Krept Freestyle
One More Time
The One
Dancing On the Table
Same Sh*t
Lord Forgive Me
So Lit
Save Some