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Albums by this artist:

Nine Million Bicycles
The Closest Thing to Crazy
Spider's Web
Piece by Piece
I Cried for You
Just Like Heaven
On the Road Again
Shy Boy
Halfway Up the Hindu Kush
Blues in the Night
If You Were a Sailboat
Crawling Up a Hill
Blue Shoes
I Do Believe in Love
Call Off the Search
Tiger in the Night
Thank You, Stars
Blame It on the Moon
Mary Pickford
My Aphrodisiac Is You
What I Miss About You
Lilac Wine
Mockingbird Song
It's All in My Head
Faraway Voice
If the Lights Go Out
Ghost Town
Perfect Circle
In My Secret Life
Scary Films
Learnin' the Blues
What It Says on the Tin
Dirty Dice
Belfast (Penguins and Cats)
I Think It's Going to Rain Today
The Flood
I'd Love to Kill You
Wonderful Life
A Happy Place
No Fear of Heights
A Moment of Madness
Toy Collection
Red Balloons
Tiny Alien
The One I Love Is Gone
Plague of Love
What a Wonderful World
When You Taught Me How to Dance