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Albums by this artist:

Follow Your Arrow
Apologize (Acoustic Version)
Merry Go 'Round
Blowin' Smoke
Keep It to Yourself
Silver Lining
Step Off
My House
It Is What It Is
I Miss You
Back on the Map
The Trailer Song
See You Again (Acoustic Version)
Love Is A Liar
Mama's Broken Heart
The Trailer Song - Live From Bonnaroo 2013
Keep It To Yourself - Live From Bonnaroo 2013
Blowin' Smoke - Live From Bonnaroo 2013
You Win Again [Nashville Star Season 5]
Silver Lining - Spotify Interview
My House - Spotify Interview
Heartache Song
Merry Go Round
Merry Go 'Round - Spotify Interview
See You Again
Dandelion - Spotify Interview
I Miss You - Spotify Interview
Follow Your Arrow - Spotify Interview
It Is What It Is - Spotify Interview
Keep It To Yourself - Spotify Interview
Blowin' Smoke - Spotify Interview
Step Off - Spotify Interview
Back On The Map - Spotify Interview
Stupid - Spotify Interview
Merry Go 'Round (Album Version)
Follow Your Arrow (with Katy Perry) (CMT Crossroads)
Step Off (with Katy Perry) (CMT Crossroads)
Silver Lining (Album Version)
Follow Your Arrow (Album Version)
My House (Album Version)
Merry Go 'Round (with Katy Perry) (CMT Crossroads)
Blowin' Smoke (Album Version)
Step Off (Album Version)
Keep It To Yourself (Album Version)
Back On The Map (Album Version)
Dandelion (Album Version)
I Miss You (Album Version)
Heart of Gold