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Albums by this artist:

Lullaby for a Weary World
Terminus Est
Crimson & Crystal
Hope Eyrie
Temper of Revenge
The Hand of God
Crane Dance
The Dark Is Rising
One Man Magical Show
Going Back
Hope Eyrie (Julia Ecklar)
The Horsetamer’s Daughter
Threes: Take 3 (Julia Ecklar)
Survivor's Song
Gentle Arms of Eden
Gambler's Lament
Star Fire
Ballad to a Spaceman
Hope Eyrie -
Traveller, Part II: Thoughts of a Homeless Alien
Strongbow: The Confrontation
The Light That Died
Brekke's Lament
With the Trees
A Last Evening's Dream
Song for Petiron
Shai Hulud
The Traveller
The Eternal Flame (God Wrote in LISP)
Timmain: The Calling
Native Son
The Spaceman's Prayer
The Lovers: Triangle
Eternal Flame (Julia Ecklar)
The Wolf Pack: Strange Blood
The Purple & Orange Conspiracy
Star Fire (Julia Ecklar)
Cutter: Tam's Song
Fellowship Going South
Troll Hall
Madcoil: Nightcrawler
Kahvi: Marching Orders
Picknose: True as Gold
Burnish Me Bright