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You Must Be Losing Your Mind
Look At Me Girl
I Keep on Walkin'
Philly Dog Around The World
That´Ll Get It
That'll Get It
Let's Dance
Look At Me Girl (Crying)
Love Is Gone
Fare Thee Well
Hey Let's Dance
Look At Me, Girl (Crying)
Soul Thing
You Must Be Losing Your Mind 1967
Love Caravan
Lover's Song
Love Is The Way
Lover's Story
Naku Penda
Look At Me, Girl
I Kept On Walking
Deep In Your Love
Spread Love Over The World
It's Written All Over Your Face
The Soul Thing
That Girl (Of Mine)
Danser et Chanter
Junkman (Dealing in Junk)
Get Over
Let Your Soul Fly
Every Road (Has a Turning)
I Kept On Walkin'