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Albums by this artist:

Shrimp Dance
Kuro to Shiro
Walk Tall
Music 2
Music 3
Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies (Music 1)
High Score
Toréador Song (Game B clear)
Kuro To Shiro [Rare]
Kuro to Shiro (Black and White)
Romance [Curren$y - 'Hi Top Whites']
Kuro To Shiro [Rare][HQ]
New York State Of Mind
Music 1
“Shrimp Dance”
Shrimp Dance (H.Suzuki)
Shrimp Dance | Columbia
Mona Lisa
"Kuro To Shiro" COLUMBIA
Romance (1975)
Romance - 1975
Music - 1
Music - 2
Romance 1975
When I Fall In Love
Music - 3
Castle Cats
Top Score
Partita BWV1002 - Sarabande
Romance (Jazz)
Cat / Hiroshi Suzuki Kuro To Shiro
Walk Talk
125 St. 7th Ave.
04 / CAT
Music - 1 Elevated
Cat (Full Album)
Celebration 1
Hiroshi Suzuki - Romance - 1975
Shrimp Dance - Hiroshi Suzuki
Hiroshi Suzuki - Cat
"SHRIMP DANCE" - Hiroshi Suzuki
"CAT" - Hiroshi Suzuki
"WALK TALL" - Hiroshi Suzuki
"ROMANCE" - Hiroshi Suzuki
"KURO TO SHIRO" - Hiroshi Suzuki