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Celebration Blue
Badawiya Lovin'
Tarab Dub
Flower Jam
Grease Monkey
Fog Alghaim
The Gobble Wobble
Every Time I Thought About It I'd Burst Into Tears
Sand Song
Moonless Night Drive
The White Epicycle
Picking Rocks Out Of Lentils
Eyes Improvise
Badawiya Lovin' (Single)
Hello Psychaleppo - Badawiya Lovin' (Single)
01 Fog Alghaim
Badawiya Lovin
02 The Gobble Wobble
05 Badawiya Lovin'
03 Celebration Blue
06 Picking Rocks Out Of Lentils
04 Hathihiyalhaya'
07 Ya Ard
The Sky Is Not The Limit
Badawiya Lovin’
The Eternal Anthem Of Palestine
The Falafel Dance
Shahba هالو سايكلبو - شهبا
Inside Suicide
Last Day Of The World
Mashallah Mix
Brother Angel
My Dawn In The White Space
Monday Choir
This Is Not A Track
Trading Souls
Ali The Rooster
The Deaf Side Of The Circus Clown
Every Time I Thought About It I d Burst Into Tears
Fifi, The Fat Bellydancer