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Albums by this artist:

Wonderful Slippery Thing
Erotic Cakes
Ner Ner
Uncle Skunk
Slidey Boy
Rhode Island Shred
Beautiful Imperfection
Hollywood Woman
Heart of the City
Jelly Bean
Lost in Rio
The Blue Room
Where We Started
The Cost of Loving
Seventh Heaven
Work Song
One Shining Soul
The Chicken
Phase Dance
Lucky Seven
Can't Dance
I Remember Wes
Access Denied
Mercy, Mercy
The Outsider
Wonderful Slippery Thing (Backing Track)
Fives - Backing Track
Intro-Tuning Notes
Loose Change
Regret #9 - Guitar Solo
Bad Asteroid
Micky Dee
Waves - backing track
Wonderful Slippery Thing - backing
Drivin' Blues
Pirate Modes
This Morning Woke Me Up
Wonderful Slippery Thing - Guitar Solo Performance
A Minor Pentatonic Scale Shapes (Example 4.13)
Man In The Mirror
Hendrix-Style Chordal Embellishments (Demo 1a)