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Baker Street
Right Down The Line
Get It Right Next Time
City To City
Baker Street - Edit
Baker Street (Edit)
The Ark
Night Owl
Waiting For The Day
Whatever's Written In Your Heart
Mattie's Rag
Home And Dry
Stealin' Time
Bring It All Home
Days Gone Down (Still Got The Light In Your Eyes)
Take The Money And Run
The Royal Mile
Wastin' Away
The Garden Of England
Why Won't You Talk To Me
The Right Moment
On The Way
Don't Close The Door
As Wise As A Serpent
The Way That You Do It
Family Tree
Days Gone Down
Mary Skeffington
The Tourist
It's Gonna Be A Long Night
Long Way Round
Already Gone
A Change Of Heart
Stuck in the Middle with You
Shipyard Town
Can I Have My Money Back?
Didn't I
New Street Blues
I Was A Boy Scout
Welcome To Hollywood
Look At The Moon
Moonlight and Gold
Tired of Talking
Johnny's Song
Baker Street - 2011 Remastered Version
Syncopatin' Sandy
A Dangerous Age
Over My Head