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Albums by this artist:

Big Ship
Bobby Bobylon
Rastaman Camp
Natural Collie
I Am a Revolutionist
Gonna Take Over Now
Stop Loving You
Get Involved
We Need More Love
Just Don't Want To Be Lonely
Chant It Dub
Africa Here I Come
Go Away Pretty Girl
Roots Man Skanking
Bobby Babylon
Wine of Violence
Push Come to Shove
Tomorrow Is Like Today
I Was Born A Winner
Zion Chant
O Come All Ye Faithful
Feliz Navidad
We Got Love
What Difference Does It Make
Loving Pauper
Lovers Rock
Sweet Lady
Let Me Be The One
Peaceful Man
Walls Of Jericho
Let Him Try
Holy Mount Zion
Chant It Down
Get United
Jah Will Bless You
Sitting In The Park
Give Jah Glory
Don't Play The Fool
Get Serious
Rasta Have Faith
The Overseer
Roman Soldiers Of Babylon
Uncle Sam
How Could You Leave
He Needs Love