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Chapter 2 : March to victory
Chapter 8 : Never ending story
Chapter 1 : Bravery
Chapter 3 : Seraphim
Chapter 6 : Mystic Asia
From an abyssal past
Chapter 5 : Legend (feat. Diblawak)
Sad resolution
Fall of a king
Voice of liberation
To a hopeless future
Ancient art of magic
Time is missing
Shining dawn
On the moon
Chapter 9 : Awakening
Old memories
Chapter 4 : Thief of hearts
Chapter 23 : There's always love
Chapter 24 : Blood tears
Chapter 12 : A tribute to a hero
Chapter 18 : Little bird
Chapter 16 : Never ending story II
Welcome to hi'vanell
Chapter 7 : Be free
Strike from the sky
Nova spes
Chapter 10 : Homecoming
Chapter 11 : Blue sky
Until the end
Melody for the brave
Forbiden truth
Never give up
Follow me
Desper (feat. Diblawak)
Crystal (Everlasting Dream Version)
That's our liberty
Freedom beyond the horizon
Face your darkness
Call of the heavenly messenger
Wood's innocence
From an abyssal past (Beatbox remix)