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Chapter 2 : March to victory
Chapter 8 : Never ending story
Chapter 1 : Bravery
Chapter 3 : Seraphim
Chapter 6 : Mystic Asia
From an abyssal past
Chapter 5 : Legend (feat. Diblawak)
Sad resolution
Fall of a king
Voice of liberation
Ancient art of magic
To a hopeless future
Chapter 24 : Blood tears
Time is missing
Shining dawn
On the moon
Chapter 23 : There's always love
Chapter 9 : Awakening
Old memories
Chapter 4 : Thief of hearts
Heaven's Garden
Chapter 12 : A tribute to a hero
That's our liberty
Call of the heavenly messenger
Nova spes
Chapter 18 : Little bird
Chapter 11 : Blue sky
Chapter 16 : Never ending story II
Chapter 21 : Don't leave me
Chapter 20 : Never ending story III
Chapter 22 : Crystal heart
Welcome to hi'vanell
Chapter 7 : Be free
Follow me
Desper (feat. Diblawak)
Strike from the sky
Wood's innocence
White scarfs community
Chapter 10 : Homecoming
Until the end
Melody for the brave
Forbiden truth