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Albums by this artist:

Doors Dance
Late August
Mellow Mountain
Natten i Grottan
Harrisson for Now
Aeglane Aeg
Solid Dry Idea
Erki Pärnoja - Doors Dance
EFTERGLOW (Title song from Erki Pärnoja's new album out Mar 2017)
Himmelbjerget (from the upcoming EP HIMMELBJERGET out in Dec 2015)
Natten i Grottan Galopp
Natten / Grotten
The Dark Colors in Ogrens Head
Crazy Bird
Cluck Old Hen
Oh my God, they killed Kenny
Samal ajal Prantsusmaal
and Kristjan Kallas (Viljandi Guitar Festival 2010 Opening Concert)
Weirdo-Dance ( Live @ Viljandi 2010 )
Evil Twin Rabbits
Harrison For Now
If You Were A Carpenter
04 - Mellow Mountain
and Kristjan Kallas ( Viljandi Guitar Festival 2010 Opening Concert )
I can see your house from here
03 - Recognition
08 - Efterglow
05 - Doors Dance
EFTERGLOW (Title song from Erki Pärnoja'
Efterglow (/Short Film)
01 - Late August
06 - Solid Dry Idea
02 - Harrisson for Now
07 - Devotion
Himmelbjerget (from the upcoming mini album HIMMELBJERGET out in Dec 2015)