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Albums by this artist:

Moon Hop
Blazing Fire
Conquering Ruler
Copy Cat
Fat Man
I Want To Go Home
Forward March
Tougher Than Tough
No Raise No Praise
The Hop
Don't Call Me Daddy
Tougher Than Tough (Rudie In Court)
Judge Dread In Court
Look Before You Leap
Seven Letters
The Great Collie Herb
The Conqueror
Court Dismiss
Cool Off Rudies
Do The Beng Beng
Night at the Hop
Gimme Back
It's Alright
Housewives Choice
Be Still
Tears on my pillow
Hold You Jack
I Am A Blackhead Again
River To The Bank
Train to Skaville
I Am The Ruler
Lover Boy
Teach Me Baby
Got You On My Mind
Greedy Gal
I Found A Queen
Horse Dead, Cow Fat
Hold Your Jack
Stand by Me
Kill Me Dead
Want More
Reggae Train
See And Blind
Street Girl
Real Ring Ding
Woman A Grumble
Horse Race (aka My Dickie)