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Albums by this artist:

Welcome to Jamrock
Road To Zion
There For You
We're Gonna Make It
All Night
The Master Has Come Back
In 2 Deep
Hey Girl
For The Babies
More Justice
Pimpa's Paradise
It Was Written
Khaki Suit
Catch A Fire
Born To Be Wild
Me Name Jr. Gong
Mi Blenda
Stuck In Between
Pimpass Paradise
Educated Fools
Still Searching
Road to Zion (feat. Nas)
Party Time
Where Is The Love
Old War Chant
Mr. Marley
Harder (Interlude)
10,000 Chariots
Kingston 12
Give Dem Some Way
She Needs My Love
Welcome To Jamrock - Explicit
Paradise Child
Stand A Chance
One More Cup of Coffee
Welcome To Jamrock - Clean
Love and Inity
Keep on Grooving
Still Searchin'
HalfWay Tree (Interlude)
Searching (so much bubble)
Welcome to Jamrock - Live
HalfWay Tree
It Was Written (Chasing Shadows Remix)