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Albums by this artist:

Rebirth of Cool
New York New York
So Sweet
Raise Up
Hold Tight
It's Yours
Saint Germain
Tribute To J Dilla
Boss Guitar
Think Twice
Back In The Days
Mystic View
St Germain
Everybody Loves the Sunshine (feat. Inlove)
Inside My Love (For Minnie)
Climax (feat. Fillet of Soul)
Little Sunflower (A Tribute To Freddie) (feat. Inlove)
Do for Love
Midnight Sun
Back in the Dayz
Come Running to Me
You’ve Got to Have Freedom (feat. Inlove)
Magic Wand
Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Sweetest Pain
Funny (For Janet)
Look Of Love
Angel Heart (The Session Version)
You've Got To Have Freedom
Little Sunflower
Espionnage (The Session Version)
The Sweetest Pain
Juliet (The Session Version)
You've Got to Have Freedom (feat. Inlove)
Dieu reconnaitra les siens (The Session Version)
Friends & Enemies (The Session Version)
The Look of Love
Funny for Janet
Gangsta Shit (The Session Version)
Un été à Paris (The Session Version)
Mental Invasion (The Session Version)
It's Yours (feat. Inlove)
It's Yours (feat Inlove)