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Albums by this artist:

In Friends We Trust
Sink Or Swim (S.O.S)
Born for Adversity
Haters Gonna Hate
Taking Chances
The Other Line
For All We Know
Between Your Lines
Pardon My French
I Am Nothing Like You
The Progression Of Regression
Reasons To Turn Back
Alex Kidd In Miracle World
Set It Straight
So Close and Yet So Far
The Best Is Yet To Come
Miles And Decibels
Make Them Believe
Pull You Under
Worst Case Scenario
Blame It On This Song
What Goes Around
We R Who We R (Ke$ha Cover)
Twist The Knife
Get Lost, Find Yourself
But There Ain't No Whales, So We Tell Tall Tales And Sing a Whaling Tune
Sink Or Swim (S.O.S.)
José Massacre
Taking Chances - Acoustic Version