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Albums by this artist:

Four Walls and an Amplifier
The Celebration Song
Crossing Paths
So In Love
Split Decision
Owl Farm
The Waiting Game
Point Pleasant
September 22nd
Smoke Break
The Look
Joy She Brings
The Legend of the Bear
Three AM
Midnight Swim
Her Smile
Diamond in the Rough
The Way it Goes
Summer Stroll
Angel's Landing
That's All
Postcard from Budapest
Welcome to the Family
Fax Machine
Bacon, egg, and cheese
The Good Times
Scotch on a Yacht
Water of Life
The Beast in the Basement
Reading Rambo
Sand Island
Way of Life
Friday Night (feat. Panthurr & Jeff Kaale)
Double Down
Misadventures at the Chop Shop
The Plot Thickens
Lucid Dreaming
The Night is Young
The Preacher
Hazel Part Two
Night Owl
A Strange Predicament
Night Out of Town
Why the Funk Not