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Albums by this artist:

Love the Life You Live
No Time To Burn
The Jungle
Zimba Ku
Check It All Out
You Should've Listened
Drive My Car
Chicken Heads
Street of Tears
Chip's Funk
Barbara's Mood
Honey Love
Send My Lover Back
Super Cool
Something Extra
Rapid Fire
You'll Never Know
Time Is Gonna Catch You
Times Have Changed
Things Change
Zimba Ku - Remastered
Wanaoh (LP Version) (2006 Remastered)
Feel Like A Child
Zimba Ku - Remastered Album Version
Last Dance
Zimba Ku (Remastered Album Version)
Keep On Runnin'
Wanaoh - LP Version 2006 Remastered
Wanaoh (Album Version)
Drive My Car (LP Version)
Live Together
Baby You'll See
Prince Duval
Questions And Conclusions
Time Is Going to Catch You
Questions & Conclusions
M & M's
Wanaoh - 2006 Remastered
Something Extra ['Machine Gun Funk']
M And Ms
Black Heat - Zimba Ku
Zimba Ku - Remastered Version
Wanaoh (LP Version)
Black Sun
The Jungle ["The Monument"]
Wanaoh - LP Version 2006 Remastered