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Albums by this artist:

Sitting In The Park
I Do Love You
Summertime - Single Version
Cross My Heart
Strange Feeling
Sitting In The Park - Single Version
Reap What You Sow
Secret Love
Summertime - Long Version
Fat Boy
Summertime - Edit
I Do Love You - Single Version
Count Me Out
How Nice It Is
Every Day I Have The Blues
Strange Feeling - Single Version
Cross My Heart - Single Version
Love Me
Keep Lovin'
Tell Me The Truth
Sugar And Spice
Golly Golly Gee
Because I Love You
I'm In Love (Oh, Yes I Am)
I'm No Romeo
One More Time
Secret Love - Single Version
Fat Boy - Single Version
A Fat Boy Can Cry
We'll Always Be Together
Reap What You Sow - Single Version
Love Me - Single Version
Summertime (w/Bob Dylan intro)
Why Do I Love You So?
Once Again
Sitting In The Park (Single Version)
Billy's Blues, Pt. 2
Sitting in the Park (Single)
ol' man river
Everyday I Have the Blues
Tell Me The Truth - Single Version
I Do Love You (Single)
I Do Love You (Single Version)
Summertime (Edit)
This Is A Fine Time
Moon River
No Girl