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One Dance Won't Do
Lovers Concerto
Heart Of Stone
I Can Not Wait (No More)
One Dance
I Want To Know What Love Is
Woman In Love
Filled With Confusion
Love Me Tonight
Nobody Else But Me
I Hunger
Eight Little Notes
Falling In Love
Anyone Who Had A Heart
Lover's Concerto
You'll Lose a Good Thing
It's Him Again
You're Right
Who Are You
Some Day
Don't Want You To Dance
Falling In Love Again
Heart Made Of Stone
All I Need to Know
Show A Little Love
Broken Hearted Melody
Fade Away
Sweeter Is He
Best Thing For You
Life's Too Short
Head Thick
Don't Know Much
Hello Stranger
Make It Right Tonight
I Will Think Of You
Do You Get Enough Love
Oh What A Fool
Don't Want To Sleep Alone
Bad Bargain
Nobody Wants To Be Alone
Holding Hands
No Honorary Whiteship
Let's Celebrate
One Dance Wont Do (pressure &
Tell Nobody I'm Your Man
How Do You Feel About Me