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One Dance Won't Do
Lovers Concerto
Heart Of Stone
I Can Not Wait (No More)
One Dance
I Want To Know What Love Is
Woman In Love
Filled With Confusion
Love Me Tonight
I Hunger
Nobody Else But Me
Eight Little Notes
Falling In Love
Anyone Who Had A Heart
Lover's Concerto
You'll Lose a Good Thing
It's Him Again
You're Right
Who Are You
Some Day
Falling In Love Again
Heart Made Of Stone
All I Need to Know
Don't Want You To Dance
Show A Little Love
Broken Hearted Melody
Fade Away
Sweeter Is He
Hello Stranger
Best Thing For You
Life's Too Short
I Will Think Of You
Don't Know Much
Head Thick
Oh What A Fool
Don't Want To Sleep Alone
Bad Bargain
Make It Right Tonight
Do You Get Enough Love
Holding Hands
Nobody Wants To Be Alone
No Honorary Whiteship
Let's Celebrate
One Dance Wont Do (pressure &
Tell Nobody I'm Your Man
How Do You Feel About Me