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Albums by this artist:

Secret Lovers
Send For Me
Silver Shadow
Touch A Four Leaf Clover
If Your Heart Isn't In It
When Love Calls
My First Love
Am I Dreaming
Let's Get Closer
Love Crazy
Love Me Down
Silver Bells
Stand Up
Always (Album Version)
One Lover At A Time
More, More, More
All In The Name Of Love
I'll Remember You
Secret Lovers - Single Version
One Love
Cool, Calm, Collected
Love Crazy (Album Version)
Masterpiece (Album Version)
Don't Take Me For Granted
Armed And Dangerous
Second To None
All In The Name Of Love (Album Version)
Let The Sun In
One Lover At A Time (Album Version)
Baby I Love Your Way
You Belong With Me
I Will Love You so for Always
(Let's) Rock 'N' Roll
I'm In Love
Sexy Dancer
Play Another Slow Jam
Silver Shadow (Specially Remixed Version)
Unconditional Love
My Mistake
Let's Start It Over
My Best Friend
Closer than Close