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Albums by this artist:

Spinning A Hold
Free Throws Of Aman
4 Words Hardens
Burning Hammer
asayake beat no.3
Last Ride
Elbow Rock
Asayake Beat Feat. Eelman
out breaks
Giant BB Chop
Si-rutu D Screw
Kick Of No.16
R Scorpion
Si-Rutu "D" Screw
Soul of INK.
Oto-No-Hosomichi Feat. Cello A
A Train Rana Featuring Smrytrps
Oto-No-Hosomichi Swg Remix - R
Moonsalto Press Feat. Cello Ak
Oh! Yes! Featuring Eelman
Moonsalto Press Kawanabe Hiros
oto-no-hosomichi feat. Cello aka Massan
moonsalto press feat. cello aka massan
A.B.C. Featuring baquerattah, SHINO (From Torikabuto / DA SNATCHAZ)
Soul Of INK
Moonsalto Press Kawanabe Hiroshi remix - remixed by Kawanabe Hiroshi (Tokyo No.1 Soul Set)
A Train Rana feat. SMRYTRPS
A.B.C. Featuring バケラッタ, Shino (From トリカブト / DA Snatchaz)
Oh! Yes! feat. EELMAN
Moonsalto Press
Oto-No-Hosomichi SWG Remix-Remixed By Shinco (SDP)
Moonsalto Press (Kawanabe Hiroshi remix)
oto-no-hosomichi (SWG remix)
A.B.C. Featuring バケラッタ, SHINO(from トリカブト/Da Snatchaz)
Rock Up-long GHC mix (Igacorosas blend mix)
oto-no-hosomichi SWG remix - remixed by SHINCO (SDP)
Moonsalto Press Featuring Cello aka Massan
Asayake Beat (feat. Eelman)