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Ten Thousand Hallelujahs
I Believe My Father
The Miracle Of Christmas
God Made It All
A Simple Kind Of Christmas
Birthday of a King
More Than Just A Baby
Rejoice in the Lord
My Sin Is Ever Before Me
Christmas At Home
God's Word Shall Stand
O God, My Joy
Seek the Lord
Professor Lambourghini's loboratory
Listen to His Voice
The Fear of the Lord
Box Of Crayolas
-Mrs. Bennett's Cinnamon Rolls
He Is King
Silent Night/Still, Still
O Glorious Day
Two Hearts Fly
One Hundred Years After the Great Flood
-A Present for Jesus
Great Are You, Lord
Jingle Bells/Joy To The World
What a World
Listen For The Trumpet
Adam Fights a Hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex
I Will Be True
The Time Travelers Return to I.Q.U.
Christ is Coming
The Truth Comes Out
Pigs Don't Live in Houses
I Am Your Creation
Father Noah and the Tower of Babel
-The Guest Arrives
Peace Be Still
Sleep, Baby, Sleep
Our Prayer
I Shall See the King
Old Paint
O Come, All Ye Faithful
-The Christmas Story
I Was Made to Praise the Lord
The Lord Is My Light
Yours Forever