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Rejoice in the Lord
Christ is Coming
I Believe My Father
I Will Be True
Wait on the Lord
God Made It All
Wings as Eagles
Just A Closer Walk With Thee (Medley)
Samuel Surrenders For Service - Here Am I, Lord
The Time Travelers Return to I.Q.U.
I Am Your Creation
I Saw Jesus In You
Trust in the Lord
The Poochie Lip Disease
The Victor's Crown
Dry Bones
Derwin Finds a Purpose
Adam Fights a Hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex
Listen For The Trumpet
What a World
I Shall See the King
Our Prayer
Ten Thousand Hallelujahs
The Giant Crocodile's Chest Of Gold
Be Kind and Compassionate
Billions and Billions of Years Ago
A Simple Kind Of Christmas
Listen to His Voice
The Miracle Of Christmas
Seek the Lord
Professor Lambourghini's loboratory
Strange new Languages
Our God Is Able
A Local Meeting of the A.P.E. Men
The crew sails to I.Q.U.
Cherish The Moment
If You're Gonna Make a Diff'rence
Redeeming The Time
Worthy Is The LAmb
Birthday of a King
The Evolution Revolution begins
Days of Creation
Better Be Ready
The Way Of The Cross
Sleep, Baby, Sleep
O Glorious Day
Yours Forever
My Sin Is Ever Before Me