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Better Be Ready
Wait on the Lord
I Will Be True
The Last Amen
I Believe My Father
The Victor's Crown
The Poochie Lip Disease
Jest Over In The Gloryland
Worry Gives The Crew A Clue
The Way Of The Cross
Bow The Knee
God Be With You
My Quiet Time Alone
How Majestic is Thy Name
Just A Closer Walk With Thee / In The Garden
The Giant Crocodile's Chest Of Gold
Our Prayer
What A Friend
I Shall See the King
Rejoice in the Lord
Chosen As His Children
In the Sweet By and By
Molding A Masterpiece
It's Friday, But Sunday's Comin'
Lost In Creepy Crawly Cave
Holding Father's Hand
Keep Your Sunny Side Up
Peace Be Still
Embrace The Cross
The Secret Place
Born to Die
Faithful Men
Abba, Father
Precious Memories
Since I Have Been Redeemed
The Jungle's Creepy Shore
Wings as Eagles
The Greatest Command
God Made It All
The Blood Of Jesus
Trusty Sword
PeeWee Catches A Dreaded Disease
In Christ I Stand
The Fear of the Lord
Bold As A Lion
He Is King
Mr. Missionary's Life Of Service