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Rejoice in the Lord
Yours Forever
My Sin Is Ever Before Me
My Mother's Gentle Love
Bow The Knee
Wings as Eagles
He Is King
Birthday of a King
My Very Best Friend
How Can I Fear?
I Saw Jesus In You
Molding A Masterpiece
Ten Thousand Hallelujahs
I Shall See the King
Cherish The Moment
Our Prayer
In the Sweet By and By
I Am Your Creation
I Will Be True
Longing For Home
You Are My Fortress
The Lord Is My Light
A Tender Heart
Wolf Gang
I Believe My Father
Always The Same
God Be With You
The Old Account Was Settled
My Quiet Time
O Magnify the Lord
The Heavens Declare
Calvary's Blood
Christ is Coming
God's Perfect Lamb
It's Friday, But Sunday's Comin'
Ain't Dreamin'
All I Need
Precious Memories
My Father's Old Guitar
Wait on the Lord
Sleep, Baby, Sleep
It Is Finished
I'm Goin' Home
Trust in the Lord
How Majestic is Thy Name
Servant's Heart
Making You
Only the Black Rose